Too Tight and Too Tidy

I made all those circles, see first one here, put them up on the design wall, photographed them, printed them, cut them apart, and rearranged them. Now I’m trying to machine quilt them and it makes me pace. Can’t settle down to work. Each circle is on a 12″ square of organza. Funny how much better  they look in 2″ paper squares. It’s all about scale. Finally, this morning, I figured it out. What I’ve been doing is much TOO TIGHT. How about some hand quilting with red thread?

That’s better but still pretty tight. Maybe I’ll go katty-wampus.  Think loose. Think loose. Think loose. I still have some more ideas. The sun is shining this morning. Oh, glorious sun. And the spinach is coming up in the garden. What a difference the sunshine makes.

Update a few hours later:  that was still too tight. Try this. Now I’m happy.

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One Comment on “Too Tight and Too Tidy”

  1. Nancy Krampf Says:

    a thought….what if you put a square of sheer fabric that had frayed edges over the circles. the same size as the square paper you used in the could even stitch unevenly on that fabric. ok thats me input have fun….or like me go work on something else. 🙂 x0x0xx000000xxxxx0 stitch on. and on and on

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