Hand Knit Socks

In the cold, cold winter time, I knit socks while watching/listening to the TV. At least once a winter, I knit a fancy pair. Now the fancy ones are piling up on my dresser and unworn. They are too precious to wear or give away, due to so much work and yet they are taking up space.

Finally, I’ve parted with a pair that are to be auctioned off tonight at a fund raising gala for our local Community Foundation. I can’t attend, due to a conflict, so I hope someone bids on them. Better yet would be a bidding war. Wouldn’t that be nice?

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3 Comments on “Hand Knit Socks”

  1. Merrilee Says:

    I’d bid on them Emmie! They are beautiful!!

  2. Nancy K Says:

    I WANNA BID I WANNA BID.!!!!!! poor ole florida people need cool socks for another freezing night. 🙂
    look out merrilee im gonna find out where you live. LOL!!!

  3. Nancy K Says:

    fer some reason your date and clock are incorrect . cuz its sez feb 14, 2010 6:53pm fla time on my computer.
    u havin a ice storm???? or computer snow storm. 🙂

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