I saw a picture somewhere and now I can’t find it and don’t remember what it was in, but it was of a painting of nine circles and I thought it could be translated into fiber. Maybe it’s just as well that I don’t have the photo for now I can create my own without being influenced. Here’s one. It’s polyesters on a silk organza background.

Many people find polyester offensive, especially quilters. I’ll admit that cotton is much more forgiving and can be eased into curves but for this project I like the sheen of the polys, which doesn’t show up in this photograph.

Susan Leslie Lumsden has been creating quilt art with circles for several years. I’m beginning to see her fascination with circles for as I sew, I keep thinking up new directions. Circles may be an endless exploration.

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2 Comments on “Circles”

  1. Nancy K Says:

    omg i have been thinking about the same colors lately. how cool is that.!!??
    love the circles. what if you used cotton and then used a gloss medium for shine.
    just a thought. 🙂 x0x0x0xx000000x00xxxx0

  2. Nancy K Says:

    k, found some circles u may have seen, and i wasn’t even looking, the jan/feb issue pg. 20, Fiberarts, Lisa Klakulak’s felt works. 🙂

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