Cover Lovers Askew is Finished


It probably doesn’t look much different to you than earlier, but now it’s quilted and bound. Quilting the border took forever. It sat under the sewing machine for a couple of weeks. I was gone for a few days, busy with other things and by the time I finished it, the border on each side of the quilt didn’t match.

I started with the one on the top and ended with the one on the right . Moral of the story is: one should not spend two weeks free hand quilting a border. I seem to have forgotten how I started!!! Oh well, this is my very own cuddle quilt. It will be nice to have my friends’ blocks wrapped around me.

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2 Comments on “Cover Lovers Askew is Finished”

  1. oldsewnsew Says:

    Looks great, Emmie. I think in years to come, people will find the differences more interesting than sameness. I already do, don’t you? Enjoy the feel of your friends’ arms about you!

  2. Ellen Says:

    I can feel my hug around you already!!! The quilt turned out great and I always love a quilt that has a story. I still don’t remember making those eight little blocks!!!

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