Newest Toy

This is an Oliso Pro iTouch iron. I love it. Above you see it at rest sitting on some little feet. As soon as you put your hand on it, the feet recede and you’re ready to iron.

It’s so smart, it’s scarey. Makes me giggle.

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2 Comments on “Newest Toy”

  1. Ellen Says:

    I have been looking at that iron for months and been reading reviews. Some are raves and others complain about the leakage. I have decided to be done with Rowentas for a while, well, I do have the steam generator and I love it, but as for an everyday iron, I’m thinking about a cheapie. Let me know how Ollie works for you, He has a nice color of yellow going for him that I covet.

  2. gonerustic Says:

    Wow – looks like it would almost go on its own! I’m rather embarrassed to say that my irons are all second hand and mostly in various states of grunge (there is one clean iron though) <=D

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