Take a Break from Quilting

I can’t get into the art quilt mode right now so to try to keep needles in my hands I’m knitting a sweater. Not so bad if I stay in air conditioning!

I’ve already knit the cotton variegated yarn once and didn’t like the results so I raveled a whole sweater and started over with a different design. Since I bought the yarn a year ago and have lost the labels it’s too much trouble to try to figure out what it is and where to find it on line so I’ve combined it with a heather-ish red wool yarn. Is it acceptable to combine wool and cotton like this??? We’ll see.  I like the appearance.  Those little “bumps” along the left side of the sleeve are safety pins. I put a safety pin at every increase and that way I don’t have to keep counting stitches to get to the last increase. I just count safety pins. I’ve also grafted the shoulders together in readiness for knitting the neck band. Usually I knit the fronts and back together, eliminating the side seams, but I couldn’t get it together to figure out the pattern. Here’s a detail.


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