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Totem Challenge

September 20, 2011

My art quilt group’s latest 12 x 12 challenge was “Your Totem.”  I googled “Native American Totems” and found this site.  As I read the list I would think “maybe” then on down the list another “maybe” but when I got to the Flamingo I knew immediately that that was the one and that I needn’t go further!

In a manner of speaking it’s after Nora Butler’s flamingo that I’ve worn on a T-short for many years.

But then, thinking more about totems, I realized that I can have more than one so I made another 12 x 12 and inserted the flamingo into a poppy that I’ve photographed.

Of course, both flamingos are wearing jewelry.  For your information, the flamingo stands for – heart healing, psychic, people person, and flirtatious. HA! You can see everyone’s totems on the UT blog.