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January 13, 2015

this  title could also be titled”Determination” or “Hard-Headedness.” I have been trying to sew a piece of silk to a strip of velvet for a art quilt. The silk crawls and the velvet slithers. After two ripping outs I finally got it. Baste, baste, baste.




YES. And, yes, I will clean it up and remove the basting and the little stray threads. The black thread is not basting. It’s decorative.

Making Messes

March 4, 2012

The local Thrift Store had a special on jeans the other day so I bought seven pairs at $.50 apiece. They’ve been washed, cut up, pieces serged, sewn together, and a jacket pattern cut out. This pattern has been residing in the pattern drawer for about 10 years or more. Now I have an idea to make one of them out of denim.

This one:

It’s taken several days to prepare the fabric and cut it out, leaving this mess:

And now, not only do I have to clean this up but I think I should tackle the “precious” mess at the end of the work table. I thought no scrap was too small or precious to throw away. Maybe I should rethink that.

Two New Books

December 20, 2011

Just found two new books on making “simple” garments. It remains to be seen just how simple, but the designs are intriguing. Looking forward to trying a few.


I Am Cute Dresses by Sato Watanabe – 25 Simple Designs To Sew

Simple Modern Sewing by Shufu To Seikatsu Sha – 8 Basic Patterns to Create 25 Favorite Garments