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My Helper

July 6, 2012

So far, of the 42 QAYG blocks that I need for my current project, I have 38. Woo Woo! Only four to go.

This is Mandy, my helper/companion. How does she help? She listens to me whine or whistle while I work. And never talks back. Who could ask for more? Note the white embroidered linen behind her curly white coat. What a nice composition, taken by my friend, Sally Robinson. Thank you Sally.

Yard Art

May 8, 2012

While wandering around El Dorado Springs last week we stumbled upon this yard art. Anything goes don’t you think?

Cover Lovers Askew

March 12, 2012

You may remember that one of my New Year’s resolutions is to make a quilt out of these blocks given to me by my old Florida friends, The Cover Lovers, about 15 years ago.

While looking for something to use as a background, I put this fabric on the design wall and slapped some of the block up, helter-skelter, just to see how they look on the fabric.

Oh, wow. I just don’t have enough fabric and will have to find something else that is in the same vein. I  like it that some of the blocks are askew and hang off the edge and could go on over into the border. My light bulb is lighting up!!

One resolution is finished but I can’t show it yet, ’cause it’s a surprise.

83 Napkins

January 8, 2012

83 Napkins

Talk about serendipity!! Yesterday I was cleaning out the laundry/storage room and found a laundry basket full of 83 napkins bought years ago at estate sales and yard sales. Don’t ask me why I bought so many; I don’t remember! There were 84 to be exact, but a mouse had chewed one up. I decided to wash and iron them and store them in a better place. While they were in the washing machine I entertained myself by surfing the web and found Paula Kovarik’s blog where she has been free hand quilting napkins for pillow tops. Wow! There’s a thought and her’s are beautiful. Then while the napkins were in the dryer and I was still surfing, I foundSewCalGal doing a 2012 Free Motion Quilting Challenge. Another thought – I could use the stained or worn napkins for learning and “perfecting” my free motion quilting. It’s turned out that ironing 83 napkins was very meditative. I had lots of thoughts about what I might do with those napkins. Maybe some small art quilts or dye them. I’ve learned that no fabric is too precious to cut up. 2012 is going to be full of fun stuff!

Latest Challenge – Winter White

March 21, 2011

At the just past meeting of the Uncommon Threads Art Quilt Group, we all brought our “Winter White” challenge pieces. The following is a composite of the finished works. They can be seen individually at the UT blog.

From goggle images I found this wine bottle with a “winter white” label:

I really liked the colors

Mandy in the snow. Isn’t she cute? The snow was deeper than she is tall.

Road Snow. This would have been challenging but I like the monotone.

This is our local gas/convenience store. The white and black with the three primary colors really spoke to me and this was my choice.

Winter Oxymoron

Baby Quilt – Boy

February 5, 2011

Long over due, but this quilt is finally finished. I was in a hurry so there’s not much piecing but it was quilted by Sheryl Schleicher on her long-arm machine and  she did a gorgeous job.

The baby’s Dad is a sailor, so Sheryl quilted a row of sailboats. Then she included the baby’s initials plus the name of his Dad’s sailboat. See detail of boat and a letter below.  This kid better grow up to love sailing!

If you’d like to contact Sheryl regarding her quilting try:  sscheicher44 at hotmail dot com

Happy New Year 2011

January 3, 2011

Happy New Year to everyone. Do you make resolutions? I usually try to make one. So – here’s mine for 2011:


A baby quilt 60″ x 48″. It started out as a pink quilt but the red quickly took over. Oh well, I have to listen to the fabric.

What’s really fun is that I’m helping my friend, Sally, make a baby quilt. It’s her first experience  quilting so she knows no rules. Sally is a photographer and she is going to incorporate pictures of butterflies, AND, she’s willing to try Improvisational Piecing. Hooray! She made a strip fabric out of all these fabrics. It’s gorgeous and she says she’s having fun. I certainly am. You want to know what’s one of the best things about helping Sally? We’re both left handed!! Silly I know, but we don’t have to keep turning things around or getting in each other’s way.

Threads of Memory

August 31, 2010

Uncommon Threads, the art quilt group to which I belong, is having an exhibit at Pool Gallery, Drury University, Springfield, MO, opening this Fri. Our Good Grief quilt will be featured plus two or three pieces of each member’s work. I think it’s our best exhibit ever. If you’re in the neighborhood, we hope you can come.

Slip Cover

August 16, 2010

This is a photography of David Hockney’s living room published in the June 1990 issue of Metropolitan Home. It’s been saved for these twenty years in my inspiration file and from the looks of the fold lines it’s also been carried around. I admire the use of several fabrics on the upholstered furniture and have always wanted to try it. Now’s my chance.

This old chair was purchased in a used furniture store about six years ago. I made a slip cover for it which you can see on the cushion and on the foot stool. The cover is now faded and dirty and it’s time for another one.

The flower print was found as three remnants in one store. Not enough to make the cover so I’m going to combine the stripe and solid with it ala Hockney!

While looking for some fresh cording, I came upon all this left over cording from other slipcover projects. Can you think of a good use for them besides trim for pillow edges? I’ll give a prize to the best suggestion by August 31.

May – cool and wet

May 11, 2010

Perhaps this picture of a beautiful reddish clematis will help me get through this cold, wet, and very windy day.

I’m not feeling particularly creative today, so I direct you to the blog site of Uncommon Threads,  the art quilt group to which I belong and to the Etsy shop of my friend Nancy.