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Favorite tree

February 22, 2013

The Uncommon Threads art quilt group’s latest challenge is “My Favorite Tree.” At first I found that trying to limit myself to just one tree was very hard, but as I reviewed some of my old photographs I realized that I really do have a favorite. Or did. A Wahoo tree (Euonymus atropurpureus), native to this area. The tree starts in the Spring with green leaves first, then flowers with rather insignificant small brown flowers and in the fall it’s foliage is red and gold with little red pods opening to red berries. In the winter we used to see a flock of Cedar Wax Wing birds feast and strip it of the berries in just a few hours.

In 2009 we were hit with a terrible ice storm in which you could literally hear tree limbs cracking and breaking and falling. It was a terrible two days. When it was all over the beautiful little Wahoo tree in my back yard had “exploded” and all the branches were broken. All that was left was a trunk.

My first attempt was to print a photo image of the Wahoo foliage onto canvas and then fuse another photo image of the broken trunk onto that. I was not particularly thrilled with this so used it for the back.


Next I used a purchased hand dyed fabric on Etsy for the back ground and fused to it a free hand cut out of the trunk in brown fabric. The trunk, branch and berries are embellished with machine embroidery. then quilted with a free hand leaf motif.


 “Boo Hoo Wahoo” 

Lesson learned – don’t quilt through the canvas. The needle leaves holes.  You can see the other members work on our UT blog here. Enjoy.

Dancing Trees

March 27, 2012

Several years ago most of the trees in this area of SW Missouri received severe damage in a terrible ice storm. It’s still very evident in the winter time when the leaves are gone. Every time I go down this road I look at these trees and fantasize that they are dancing. Maybe they are dancing for the joy of still being alive!

First Flower

February 21, 2012

I know I photographed some daffodils a few weeks ago that were blooming about 70 miles south of here, but yesterday, I discovered that my annual first bloomers are up and blooming. Unbelievable to be blooming this early. They’ve always bloomed in March. This is an Iris reticulata. It’s only about five inches tall and the blossom only lasts one or two days. Gotta be on your toes to catch it!

Heading South

December 3, 2011

We’re fortunate to be in the migratory path of many birds and the monarch butterflies. About a week ago we looked out the living room slider onto the lake and saw some thing huge and white floating in the lake. We grabbed the camera with the telephoto lens and jumped in the car. When we go to the bridge we could tell that it was Snow Geese. What you see in this picture represents only about a fourth of the total number.

The picture is a little out of focus ’cause the lens is heavy and I forgot to grab the tripod but you get the idea.

Then today the Canadian Geese were flying over head, wave after wave of them. It’s a spectacular sight.

And this group came right over the house. They make such beautiful formations.

Two Luna Moths

June 27, 2011

I’m having a terrible time doing any sewing or quilting. There’s just too much to do out in the vegetable garden and the flower gardens. So, bear with me if your primary interest is textiles. Remember, my habitat is my inspiration.

A few mornings ago I was out in the garden picking snow peas, and eating a few while I picked, when I saw some white fuzzy stuff on the tomatoes. Thinking it was some horrid insect or other such critter, I rushed over to pluck it from the plant. Look what I discovered.

I usually see about one a year in the evening fluttering against a screen. This is the first time I’ve seen two lives ones in the daylight. My friend Nancy informs me the one on the left is a male and the other a female. She says the males have bigger feather antennas. When I find something like this, I feel like I’ve hit a jackpot!


December 20, 2010

This was a lovely afternoon; particularly after such miserable cold weather we’ve had so we took a walk down on a trail through the woods, close to the house; and took Mandy our little dog with us.

Close to the trail’s end Harry was yelling and Mandy was screaming, only as a dog can, and I found her caught in a trap.

We got her loose and she didn’t limp or favor her leg, so I can assume she wasn’t injured. But what’s worse than that?

Two Traps.  Each was set right next to the trail. I mean RIGHT NEXT TO IT. Pardon me while I have a bit of a rage. I went back with a shovel and bolt cutters, dug them up/cut them out and brought them home. Now I am a little afraid to walk in the woods again. I certainly will be looking and tapping with my walking stick. Mandy may have to stay home in the future. Poor pup.

More Red

November 30, 2010

In trying to clean up the desktop on my computer there are many many folders of images for the last five months. Good Grief! I ran across this one that was taken from my back deck in July. In addition to the big guy, note the little Flicker in the lower right. They are in an almost dead walnut tree. I hate the thought of cutting it down because of the birds but it’s close to the house and is becoming dangerous. Maybe one more year.


June 15, 2010

Time out from creating fiber art and being more domestic. I’m in the process of cleaning out an old flower bed under four hickory trees. DON”T EVER make a flower bed under trees. Besides their nuts falling and making new baby trees, birds sit in the trees and drop seeds from every thing else; like poison ivy, virginia creeper, grape vines, red bud trees, I could go on and on about the stuff I pull up. I should have taken a before picture because it’s beginning to look better now. I’ll do that on the next bed. Yes. There are two beds under trees. I never learn!

On a more positive note, there was one little goose berry bush here when I bought this house nine years ago. It has expanded to three and here is what it has produced. There must be three or four quarts of berries. Ummmmmmm.

Actually there were five quarts; four of which I froze and the fifth made a yummy pie. We couldn’t wait till supper!

New residents

May 25, 2010

A pair of red House Finches have taken up residence in one of my hanging fuschias. The female sits there through thick and thin, meaning thunder storms and high winds. She’s been on some wild rides! I quit watering the plant for fear of doing damage to the nest/eggs of which there were three, so it’s nearly dead. We’ve quit using the back door because she flies away every time we leave or enter. A step ladder  sits by the window so we climb up and peak in and the camera with zoom lens is sitting of a tripod where the rocking chair should be. Does this bird know how excited we are to be able to watch her and how much trouble we’ve gone to?

The male makes ocassional appearances.

Sorry this is out of focus but you can see Mama feeding one of the fledglings. Papa helps. The cats sit at the slider under the hanging basket and “chatter.” We do hope they can learn to fly without being caught.