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Amaryllis Bulbs

October 17, 2009

The following picture is scanned from the latest White Flower Farm catalog. Click link to see the actual page.


Note that this bulb is in a vase of pebbles. Years ago I bought a bunch of amaryllis bulbs and put each one in a tall vase with just a dab of water in the bottom. Roots formed, gorgeous flowers emerged, and I gave them away as Christmas gifts. Last year Susan gave me three wonderful bulbs that I photographed repeatedly and shared on this blog. I’ve tended them all summer and now leaves just started forming a few weeks ago. In moving them into the house for the winter, their pot fell off the deck, dropping 10′ or so, the pot smashed but the bulbs look o.k. except that most of the roots broke on the biggest one. Since they are out of the dirt, I put them in vases with clear glass marbles  or pebbles. We’ll see how they grow. Will keep you posted. I know you’ll be breathlessly awaiting the outcome!!!!!


Lemons to Lemonade

June 9, 2009

You’ve heard the old saying:  “When you get lemons, make lemonade” haven’t you? Well, here’s the lemon; an out-of-focus picture of my flower bed. They were ALL out of focus.


And here is the “lemonade” after being manipulated in photoshop.


I think I can do something with this.


May 26, 2009

The current wall quilt, that I’ve been working on, is finished. I don’t want to show the whole photograph until it’s been exhibited, but here is a detail.


It is a photo image with stick figures silk screened over it, hand dyed silk velvet with pieced cotton satin stitch-appliqued on top. Hand quilted and machine quilted. The silk velvet was difficult to work with, but not so difficult that I don’t want to try it again. The drape and sheen are so beautiful.

Three peonies

May 18, 2009


It must be due to the cool, wet Spring that we’ve had, that the peonies are outstanding this year.  I think they have inspired me to create a wall quilt that I’m working on now. Too soon to post a picture, but stay tuned!

Beauty in the Ugly

May 11, 2009


Here is a photograph of two wilted tulips taken at dusk on the dinning room table, way under exposed. After playing in photoshop this was the result. Not bad; I think.

Spring Abounds

April 27, 2009

I hiked on a little trail through the woods near my house. What a beautiful Spring after so much cold, wet weather. Watch out for the ticks and chiggers; they’re out there too!  Ask me how I know!




Four Tulips

April 20, 2009

I’m having way too much fun with this new camera.


Workshops in Jacksonville

October 20, 2008

It’s been a lovely week among old friends in Jacksonville, FL. I taught two workshops; Fantasy Flowers to the Friendship Quilters Guild and Improvisational Piecing to the All Stars Quilt Guild, also in JAX. Following are pictures of the Fantasy Flower workshop. These people were so creative. They worked hard and came up with some great designs. Each very original and individualistic.

Betty Lu David seems pleased with her drawing.

Mary Jo is making a pattern from her drawing

And here are pictures of several of the others and how they progressed.

Aren’t they great? And that was just a sampling.

The second workshop was one day with All Stars Quilters Guild, learning Improvisational Piecing. And here are a few pics:

Vickie Zoller cutting her “strip” fabric.

Although these last pictures are of only one technique, we managed to work in a few more.

Both guilds were great to work with, plus I made new friends.