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New Chair/Old Chair

August 25, 2010

The slipcover is done. Note, I changed my mind for the stripe fabric. I saw this one on sale and loved the colors. The lighter one might have been better, but considering how fast the fabric deteriorates on furniture around here it won’t be on there for more than a couple of years. The chair sits by an east slider/window so it get all the morning sun and the dog and three cats love sitting on new fabric. If I could find a market for cat fur, I’d be a millionair!

Do you see the front door in the upper left side? I etched the glass pattern. One of my better accomplishments. And do you see a corner of the couch on the extreme left side? That’s also a slip cover I made fairly recently. Now, I should make a new dress for myself. Probably red.

Slip Cover

August 16, 2010

This is a photography of David Hockney’s living room published in the June 1990 issue of Metropolitan Home. It’s been saved for these twenty years in my inspiration file and from the looks of the fold lines it’s also been carried around. I admire the use of several fabrics on the upholstered furniture and have always wanted to try it. Now’s my chance.

This old chair was purchased in a used furniture store about six years ago. I made a slip cover for it which you can see on the cushion and on the foot stool. The cover is now faded and dirty and it’s time for another one.

The flower print was found as three remnants in one store. Not enough to make the cover so I’m going to combine the stripe and solid with it ala Hockney!

While looking for some fresh cording, I came upon all this left over cording from other slipcover projects. Can you think of a good use for them besides trim for pillow edges? I’ll give a prize to the best suggestion by August 31.

More Inspiration

July 11, 2010

Sally gave me the Guatemalan or Mexican shawl ( not sure which it is). She says it’s old and she’s tired of it. Oh, my! In addition she also gave me the Spoonflower image of one of her orchids. I put one on top of the other and WOW! Then I happened to pick up the leftover “fried eggs” and WOW again. Something’s happening here. Gotta listen.  Thank you, Sally. Now, I have three potential art quilts stacked up. Must get my duff out of the yard and get back to work in the studio! Just looking at this pictures gives me some ideas on where to start. It seems to help if I photograph things and see them more compactly in a small format. This composition of fabrics looks much different in a small photo than standing over them on my work table. Why is that?