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Eco-dyeing via India Flint

October 19, 2014

After reading Eco Dyeing by India Flint and since I live out in the country of the Ozarks, I’ve become interested in what colors/dyes are available from local plants. Here is my trusty old stainless steel dye pot from my weaving days of dyeing yarns. I’ve place jars of fabric with various plants into a water bath in the pot and boiled it for many minutes. These are the results from yesterday on silk.dye-pot


Dark, almost black pansies


Red Sumac leaves


Dark purple petunias and orange marigolds.

SFA Dye Workshop

July 14, 2009

This past weekend I led a dye workshop for Springfield Fiber Artists. It was pretty loose and everyone did what they wanted. I was just a helper if they had a problem. I think everyone had a good time and learned at least one new technique. Here are just a few samples. I almost forgot to take any pictures!Linda-ComptonLinda Compton

Mary-Lou-HolmesMary Lou Holmes

Marty-CorcoranMarty Corcoran

Barb-ArnoldBarb Arnold