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Bittersweet Challenge

July 31, 2011

The Uncommon Threads group revealed their 12″x12″ Bittersweet challenge last week. If you remember this was the picture:

It’s a picture of bittersweet in my friend, Jeanie’s garden that I took last fall. Don’t ask me now why the stems are blue. That’s either just the way they were or I manipulated it in Photoshop Elements. This is what I came up with for my 12  x 12:

Small “tiles” of fabric were torn or cut, mosaicked together for the background, and quilted to the batting to hold them all in place. Then, the blue lines and circles were fused on top. The back was applied, pillow case fashion, and the whole piece was held together with some decorative stitching and beads applied to the circles. Phew!

All the rest of the UT Bittersweets can be seen on their blog. Click here. Our next challenge is “Totems” chosen by Sheryl Schleicher. I’ve already got mine in progress. What fun!!