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January 22, 2011

My art quilt group, Uncommon Threads, started a bi-monthly challenge of making a 12″ x 12″ art quilt with the inspiration being chosen by a member. Merrilee Tieche was the first leader choosing the word “Abundance.” For some reason I came home with the word “Indulgence.” (I’ve been accused of not being a good listener.) She further furnished the image below to strengthen her choice.  Merrilee says she came up with this idea after our retreat where we ate too much and drank too much!


This was my offering. The Goddess of Wilhelmsdorf with an abstraction of my face in place of hers. Sadly, this is the way I felt after the retreat!

And here is a group shot of all of the pieces. Note the upper left. Lettie Blackburn also used the Goddess.

Our next challenge, chosen by Diane Steffen and due at the March meeting,  are two words:  “Winter, White.”

Taking a Break from Quilting

August 1, 2010

I’m having trouble getting in the quilting mode so have taken a break and am doing some sewing for myself and knitting.

The variegated is a Noro cotton which I knit into another sweater that was unsuccessful so I’ve unraveled it and started over with another pattern. The red is a heather-ish wool. Not really sure if cotton and wool go together like this but we’ll see. I’ve grafted the shoulders together ready for the neck band. Usually I knit the fronts and back together, eliminating side seams, but I got confused with the pattern when I started and knit each independently. You’ll see little bumps on the left side of the sleeve. Those are safety pins at each increase. I’d rather count a few safety pins  than a lot stitches. And here’s a detail of the stitch pattern.

A New Beginning

January 23, 2010

It’s a new year and I’ve done a few things to get started. First I have put all my photo CDs, in chronological order, into a CD folder, made contact sheets of each CD, and put them, also in chronological order, into a loose leaf folder. Now when I’m looking for  one particular image, I can find it on the contact sheet and go straight to the CD. Yes, it works. I’ve already had to use it.

My computer desk is almost clean and I found a long lost address and various other “valuable” notes. Now for fun; meaning sewing.  At the Uncommon Threads (my art quilt group) Christmas party, I was the lucky recipient of one of those jelly rolls of 2 1/2″ strips of fabric. Thank you Diane. Just for fun I hung them all on my design wall and liked them so much I sewed them together. I think this will make a great background for another domestic icon wall quilt. A couple of ideas are perculating.

Shakerag Day 3-A Picture’s Worth a 1000 Words

June 26, 2008

Hopefully there are not too many pictures, but everyone is doing such interesting work and each person’s is so different.

Kerr is demonstrating how to apply different media directly to the silk screen; Crayola Washable crayons, Caran d’ache water soluble crayons, crayola washable markers, and charcoal.

Printing of the various media using textile medium.

Similar technique by Veronica Hofman-Ortega,

Jo-Marie Karst,

and myself.

The bottom half of this picture is a drawing done on the top of the screen with a syringe filled with black thickened dye and the printed.

This is similar, but the screen was also painted with thickened dye colors before printing. Done by Diane Arthur.

Diane Getty has done a drawing on a screen in preparation for printing.

Jason Romero dyed a silk scarf yellow green leaving blank spots that he is “coloring” in with charcoal.

Passion Flower II

April 25, 2008

Remember the Passion Flower piece I was working on last Summer?

I hated it. Too symmetrical, too static. Ugh!

I slashed it and started over.

I think it’s finished, but one never knows.