Slipcover Project

This was pictured in a feature article of David Hockney’s home in the June 1990 issue of Metropolitan Home and I’ve saved it for 20 years. Yes, I have an inspiration folder and obviously I’ve carried this around somewhere; note the fold lines!

This is an old dirty, faded chair that I bought in a used furniture store five or six years ago. It was originally pink and I’ve slip covered it once. That cover is now old, faded, and dirty but it is such a wonderfully comfortable chair I can’t give it up so, it’s due for a new dress.

I’ve shown the David Hockney picture because I’ve always wanted to cover a chair or couch in more than one fabric. I’ve tried unsuccessfully before, but this time I think I can do it.

These three fabrics are what I’ve chosen to work with. The flowered fabric is newly purchased as three remnant pieces. The stripe and solid are already on hand. I feel inspired!

While looking through my stash for fresh cording I ran across these left-overs from previous projects. I’ll give a prize the one who comes up with the best suggestion for their use. Cording pillows is out. Give me more ideas. Deadline – August 31.


2 Comments on “Slipcover Project”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Cording idea: you could sew one on top of the other to make a totally textured fabric and use it as part of a quilt square. It’d look like corduroy, but cooler

  2. emprint Says:

    That’s a very interesting idea. That’s an old, old post but you deserve a prize. I’ll send you some fat quarters if you’ll send me your address. email me.

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