Curved Piecing Tutorial

I meant to show a friend how to do the curved piecing that I learned in a Nancy Crow workshop, but we got so busy talking it slipped our minds. So here it is, Friend, and anyone else who may be curious.

As Nancy said, “Use your rotary cutter as a drawing tool.” So to begin with, cut a curve on one piece of fabric. Here, I’ve cut the curve on the gold fabric.

Lay the curved gold fabric over the blue fabric.

Following the curve already cut on the gold fabric, cut the same curve onto the blue fabric.

Now you have a mirror image curve cut on the blue fabric.

Turn the blue fabric face over on top of the gold fabric and pin once at the top of the curves. Note, that the curves DO NOT MATCH.  It will be like sewing a sleeve into an arm’s eye if you were sewing a blouse.

Begin sewing the two fabrics together using a quarter inch seam.

Continue sewing edges together. Yes, it is “puckering.”

And, yes, when you are finished sewing there is a big “flounce.”

Move to your ironing board and open new fabric piecing.

Press flat. Hooray! you did it. Now go and create something new and beautiful with your new found skill.


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