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February 26, 2008

My friend, Mary Alice, who lives too far away, wants to see how the Passion Flower develops. Every time I walk by the design wall, I rearrange some part of it. I’m also taking pictures of the changes and when I see them small, and all together, one, in particular, jumps out. Here it is, thus far, Mary Alice. What do you think?

dsc_0001.jpg dsc_0002.jpg

dsc_0003.jpg dsc_0004.jpg

Passion Flower Revisited

February 22, 2008

I bought a Passion Flower plant last summer in Wisconsin, of all places, considering it’s a tropical plant. It grows in a pot on the deck in warm weather and I’ve brought it in for the winter to live in the dinning room window. I’ve taken a bunch of photographs of the blossoms and played with them in Photoshop filters. I even made a small art quilt to be a part of my art quilt group challenge. I hated it. Since then I sliced the “quilt” up and am trying to collage it with fabric printed pictures of the flower. Nothing sewed down yet; it’s all on the design wall. Every time I walk by, I add or remove something. It will come.



Wish I could say that I dyed the purple, but I bought it.