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Blocks 8 & 9 and One To Grow On

March 13, 2014

The original concept of this project only needs nine blocks, but when someone asked if I was going to finish each block individually I thought, “Hummm.” So I’ve made 10 blocks and I’ll experiment with one and make a decision.




Birthday Quilts

October 14, 2012

There are two wonderful, young women in my life who are the same age and have birthdays on Oct 1 and Oct 2. Natascha, my daughter-in-law and whose favorite color is blue. I made a Log Cabin inspired, bed size quilt for her.


The only place where I could photograph it in total was at the recent, local quilt show and I think there was a slight current of air moving. Hence it looks out of focus. Maybe a couple of details will help.



Note the beautiful quilting. I can say that ’cause I didn’t do it.  It was done by Ellen Replogle on her long arm machine. She’s another wonderful, young woman in the family – Harry’s niece.

The other quilt was for Susan, Harry’s daughter. She preferred a smaller quilt, 60″ x 60″, that she can use as an accent in the living room. Well, it’s an accent alright. I hope it doesn’t take over.





This is a QAYG. Quilt As You Go. Refer to The Quilting Edge. Marianne gives excellent tutorials on her blog. You’ll find them by scrolling down the right hand side. Thank you, Marianne.

Hello Again

September 21, 2012

It’s been a while but I’ve been busy with other things besides Art. More about that later on another post. It’s hard to get back into the swing of things in the studio so I’ve been doing small works which, although they aren’t great, I decided to see how mounting them would look. Making them more important, don’t you know?

This is one of many blocks that I made for a quilt that I particularly liked. It’s quilted, bound, then sewn to a linen-cotton fabric, and stretched around stretcher bars. What do you think? Now, I’m thinking about embellishing it with beads and “stuff.”Hummm.