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Talk About Serendipity!

April 12, 2010

I’ve just returned from attending the wonderful wedding of my son, Jamie and his new wife, Natascha, in Florida. While there I visited an old quilting friend, Ellen White, who told me about the following events that occurred to her.

About a year and a half ago, she took the Fantasy Flower Workshop from me (actually she arranged the workshop) and made this small wall quilt inspired by a photograph of an amaryllis.

Ellen took the quilt to the Bead Chick bead shop in St. Augustine to look for beads to add as embellishment and became friends with the owner who asked her to join Ancient City Artisans Guild. She did. The Guild had a booth at RAM, Riverside Arts Market in Jacksonville in which she sold large, beautiful quilted purses. Along came the shop buyer from the Cummer Museum, who saw the purses and Ellen now sells her art, purses, and small quilts, at the museum shop.

Ellen says that just by taking my workshop she owes it all to me. I say it’s serendipity. But Ellen, your work is great and your rewards are well deserved. Keep up the good work. (I should have photographed one of the purses. Phooey!)

UPDATE: Ellen sent some pictures of her purses. So cool.

A Beautiful Day in the Ozarks

April 23, 2007



We drove home through the back roads this weekend just to reval in the beautiful weather. When we see the deserted homes and barns, we fantasize as to how we would restore them. There are some beauties here, but they are deteriorating fast.





Arden’s Art Quilt

April 22, 2007



This piece is coming along. As pictured, all the pieces have been sewn together, onto the batting, with machine satin stitch or fancy machine embroidery stitches. Now I’m ready to apply the backing which I shall do using Melody Johnson’s Escape Hatch Finish. Then I’ll do quilting and embellishment. There will be no brown fabric on the sides, only on the top and bottom.

Purple Boot Print

April 15, 2007



 After talking via the web with artist friends, Mary Alice and Nancy, I’ve started over on Arden’s art quilt. Thank you, dear friends. I think I’m on a better direction. I just pulled this purple print of the purple boots onto purple fabric. Think that’s enough purple?? Nah. I love my thermofax almost as much as my sewing machine. I think I may like making marks and making screens more than the actual printing, cutting, and sewing. That’s food for thought.

Two Bog Bunnies

April 12, 2007



You must meet my friends, Nancy and Rob Krampf (see their Easter Album). They are newly weds who seem to be having the time of their lives. Nancy is a mixed-media artist (no web site yet) and Rob is a science educator. Nancy loves to “decorate” and is an excellent party planner. This is the first time I’ve seen her play dress-up and what a riot. My favorite picture on their album site is the last one of the

bunny at the ATM.






April 5, 2007


Remember the purple boots? I’m making a piece that’s a prayer/homage/shrine/whatever for my recently deceased daughter-in-law Arden. Although she had a struggle with her health and sadness in her life, she was greatly loved by family, friends, and co-workers. She once gave a friend a pillow with the words, “You’ll always be my best friend because you know too much about me.” And her friend says that all the things she knows about Arden are wonderful, endearing memories. Isn’t that nice? I hope someone has that kind of memory about me after I’m gone.



I’ve put a picture of Arden through Photoshop Elements and played with filters. Then I made a Thermofax screen and screened the image to a background fabric as above. Yes, the black fabric paint in streaked with purple. Purple was her favorite color. I hesitated making the screen since I knew I’d use it only once, but I read on the Complex Cloth list about someone (sorry, I can’t remember her name) who just put duct tape around both sides of the screen edges and used it that way instead of stretching and taping it to a frame. I pinned the cloth to my print table and then taped the corners of the screen to the cloth,applied the paint, and pulled the squeegee. Easy!



Spring Flowers

April 2, 2007



The other day I crawled around on my hands and knees taking pictures of my tulips.  I love the way the above tulip is backlit. The next day the weather was gorgeous but too wet to work in the garden, so I jumped into my truck and drove across the lake to the State Park to see if I could find any blooming wild flowers. Found beautiful trees and a few flowers on the ground. Back to my hands and knees.


redbud.jpg                        shadbush.jpg

            Redbud                                                                                     Shadbush


wild-plum-tree.jpg                             johnny-jump-up.jpg

          Wild Plum Tree                                                                         Johnny-jump-up