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Airy Ghost

November 8, 2011

I read lots of poetry on the internet looking for a name for this dandelion-apron wall quilt. “Airy Ghost” is what I came up with. Not totally happy with that but it will have to do until something better comes along.

I keep saying that I’m not going to make any more apron quilts, but I just got another idea this afternoon. sigh.

Airy Ghost is hanging in the latest Uncommon Threads exhibit at Hammons Hall for the performing Arts in Springfield, MO.

Another Apron Possibility

April 5, 2011

These strips were in a “jelly roll” that was a Christmas gift two years ago. I sewed them all together and then thought, “Now what?”

The chemise and apron were laid upon it, then all was folded up and put away. One day, I opened it up and this is what I saw:

Hummmmm.  Definite possibilities. I love the motion.