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Bittersweet Challenge

July 31, 2011

The Uncommon Threads group revealed their 12″x12″ Bittersweet challenge last week. If you remember this was the picture:

It’s a picture of bittersweet in my friend, Jeanie’s garden that I took last fall. Don’t ask me now why the stems are blue. That’s either just the way they were or I manipulated it in Photoshop Elements. This is what I came up with for my 12  x 12:

Small “tiles” of fabric were torn or cut, mosaicked together for the background, and quilted to the batting to hold them all in place. Then, the blue lines and circles were fused on top. The back was applied, pillow case fashion, and the whole piece was held together with some decorative stitching and beads applied to the circles. Phew!

All the rest of the UT Bittersweets can be seen on their blog. Click here. Our next challenge is “Totems” chosen by Sheryl Schleicher. I’ve already got mine in progress. What fun!!

I’ve Been Away

June 11, 2011

We’ve been away.  First – to our annual high school reunion.

This was the grade school I attended. It was the only school way before me and it’s long gone now. But we all get nostalgic over this picture remembering each other and teachers. I started there in the sixth grade but about six of my class mates started first grade and attended all 12 grades. There were about 60 in my graduating class; the town’s population was just shy of 2000 then. Now it’s about 2014. Hasn’t grown much. BUT – the point I want to make is that the Alumni Scholarship Club awarded $36,000 in Scholarships this year. I think that is positively amazing for such a small community to raise such generous alumni and they do it year after year. I applaud you, Willow Springs.

Second – From there we headed straight to coastal North Carolina to deliver a boat. It was hot, hot, hot. By the time we got back home we were hot, tired, hot, grumpy, and hot. But the Smoky Mountains were beautiful and cool and I loved it there.

And Third – I have just uploaded the “Notan” theme 12″x12″ art quilts for the Uncommon Threads blog. You may view them individually here.

May UT 12×12 Challenge

May 22, 2011

The next Uncommon Threads  12×12 challenge was due at our May meeting. Incredible obstacles kept me from the meeting – you don’t want to hear me whine – and I’m terribly disappointed that I couldn’t make it. But here is my challenge piece. The inspiration, chosen by Lucy Silliman, was NOTAN. It’s a Japanese word having to do with high contrast. i.e. black/white, light/dark, etc.

I chose to work on a 5″ square piece of black paper and transpose it to black fabric. Fused that to a white background and then hand quilted it.

I get to pick the next challenge which will be using this lower image as inspiration. One may use the title “Bittersweet,” the color, or the design. I haven’t a clue as to how I am going to approach this.I may be my own worst enemy!

Latest Challenge – Winter White

March 21, 2011

At the just past meeting of the Uncommon Threads Art Quilt Group, we all brought our “Winter White” challenge pieces. The following is a composite of the finished works. They can be seen individually at the UT blog.

From goggle images I found this wine bottle with a “winter white” label:

I really liked the colors

Mandy in the snow. Isn’t she cute? The snow was deeper than she is tall.

Road Snow. This would have been challenging but I like the monotone.

This is our local gas/convenience store. The white and black with the three primary colors really spoke to me and this was my choice.

Winter Oxymoron


January 22, 2011

My art quilt group, Uncommon Threads, started a bi-monthly challenge of making a 12″ x 12″ art quilt with the inspiration being chosen by a member. Merrilee Tieche was the first leader choosing the word “Abundance.” For some reason I came home with the word “Indulgence.” (I’ve been accused of not being a good listener.) She further furnished the image below to strengthen her choice.  Merrilee says she came up with this idea after our retreat where we ate too much and drank too much!


This was my offering. The Goddess of Wilhelmsdorf with an abstraction of my face in place of hers. Sadly, this is the way I felt after the retreat!

And here is a group shot of all of the pieces. Note the upper left. Lettie Blackburn also used the Goddess.

Our next challenge, chosen by Diane Steffen and due at the March meeting,  are two words:  “Winter, White.”