Birthday Quilts

There are two wonderful, young women in my life who are the same age and have birthdays on Oct 1 and Oct 2. Natascha, my daughter-in-law and whose favorite color is blue. I made a Log Cabin inspired, bed size quilt for her.


The only place where I could photograph it in total was at the recent, local quilt show and I think there was a slight current of air moving. Hence it looks out of focus. Maybe a couple of details will help.



Note the beautiful quilting. I can say that ’cause I didn’t do it.  It was done by Ellen Replogle on her long arm machine. She’s another wonderful, young woman in the family – Harry’s niece.

The other quilt was for Susan, Harry’s daughter. She preferred a smaller quilt, 60″ x 60″, that she can use as an accent in the living room. Well, it’s an accent alright. I hope it doesn’t take over.





This is a QAYG. Quilt As You Go. Refer to The Quilting Edge. Marianne gives excellent tutorials on her blog. You’ll find them by scrolling down the right hand side. Thank you, Marianne.

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3 Comments on “Birthday Quilts”

  1. Marianne Says:

    Thanks for the mention…the quilt looks great. I thought I would pop over here after the lovely comment you put my blog. I don’t know if you know that you are a no reply commenter.

  2. gonerustic Says:

    Wonderful gifts, and beautiful colours! I especially like the log cabin quilt … =D

  3. nancy krampf Says:

    you been a busy busy art woman. 🙂

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