Making Messes

The local Thrift Store had a special on jeans the other day so I bought seven pairs at $.50 apiece. They’ve been washed, cut up, pieces serged, sewn together, and a jacket pattern cut out. This pattern has been residing in the pattern drawer for about 10 years or more. Now I have an idea to make one of them out of denim.

This one:

It’s taken several days to prepare the fabric and cut it out, leaving this mess:

And now, not only do I have to clean this up but I think I should tackle the “precious” mess at the end of the work table. I thought no scrap was too small or precious to throw away. Maybe I should rethink that.

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3 Comments on “Making Messes”

  1. Merrilee Says:

    Some of those scraps are plenty big to be considered precious! You need a very cute basket to keep them in! Was that the kimono you wore to UT? It’s beautiful!!

  2. emprint Says:

    The jacket that I wore to UT was a different pattern and made of linen. This one is being made of old blue jeans. In reference to needing a basket, I need MULTIPLE baskets!!!

  3. nancy krampf Says:

    hummmmm……….i wonder where this idea came from???????

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