An Ozark Adventure

Yesterday was a lovely warm day in the high 50s, unusual for January, so we decided to do a little exploring at the new Capes Creek Conservation Area. The first thing of interest that we saw on our way was this house with a life size bull on top of it’s roof. Most unusual!

The next thing of interest was this partial skeleton of a cow floating at the creek’s edge. Scared Mandy, our little dog, to death. She crouched down low  and backed away.

Since it was already after noon  we walked to a gravel bar for a picnic. This is not the prettiest creek we’ve ever seen but it wasn’t bad. Apparently it’s more appealing to fishermen.

After lunch we hiked about two miles along the creeks edge though briars and brambles. We exited onto a gravel road and while walking back to the car we found jonquils blooming!! I have never, ever seen them bloom in January.

Finally, arriving back at the car to return home, my lovely little Toyota Prius wouldn’t start. Dead as a door nail.

Down low in a creek bed, we couldn’t get cell phone service but a kind fisherman who was ready to go home gave us a ride to the nearest town, 10 miles away, where I could call my roadside service. After waiting 45 minutes a tow truck arrived, took us back to the car, loaded it up, and carried it and us the 73 miles back home.

Our trusty mechanic has just now called to report that the little 12 volt battery is dead and needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, it’s a very small size, made only by Toyota, and very expensive. The $$$$$ are adding up. All that money I’m saving on gas is being spent on spare parts! So much for a quiet little picnic on a quiet little creek.

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One Comment on “An Ozark Adventure”

  1. pamdora Says:

    Oh no Emmie, Just last night we were watching “The Revenge of the Electric Car” but it’s not a horror movie. It’s about how electric cars are making a comeback. Hope you get yours fixed soon and it’s not too expensive.

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