83 Napkins

83 Napkins

Talk about serendipity!! Yesterday I was cleaning out the laundry/storage room and found a laundry basket full of 83 napkins bought years ago at estate sales and yard sales. Don’t ask me why I bought so many; I don’t remember! There were 84 to be exact, but a mouse had chewed one up. I decided to wash and iron them and store them in a better place. While they were in the washing machine I entertained myself by surfing the web and found Paula Kovarik’s blog where she has been free hand quilting napkins for pillow tops. Wow! There’s a thought and her’s are beautiful. Then while the napkins were in the dryer and I was still surfing, I foundSewCalGal doing a 2012 Free Motion Quilting Challenge. Another thought – I could use the stained or worn napkins for learning and “perfecting” my free motion quilting. It’s turned out that ironing 83 napkins was very meditative. I had lots of thoughts about what I might do with those napkins. Maybe some small art quilts or dye them. I’ve learned that no fabric is too precious to cut up. 2012 is going to be full of fun stuff!

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4 Comments on “83 Napkins”

  1. Morna Says:

    Hi, Emma! Thanks for signing up for my newsletter – I hope you find it enjoyable. I love your cache of napkins – WOW! It will be fun to see what you do with them. 🙂

  2. pamdora Says:

    It’s always good to a have a LOT of something if you’re planning on making art with it. Great start Emmie!

  3. nancy krampf Says:

    oh my how i love old napkins, you are gonna have some fun. am very partial to their edges, and have ripped them to have frayed edges, and have purchased ones that have knotted edges cuz they offer so many possibilities. have at it!! 🙂

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