Happy New Year 2012-Resolutions and Scrap Quilts

Happy New Year to everyone. May it be happy, healthy, and prosperous.

I’m terrible at keeping New Year’s resolutions but I can think I can do it this year. I’m trying to clean up my fabric stash and throw out what I’m sure I’ll never use. When I see some pieces I say to myself, “What was I thinking?” What you see here is only about 1/2 of the stash. The resolution is to make three large to large-ish scrap quilts.

 One  quilt will be from blocks given to me by my old quilt group in Florida, The Cover Lovers. One year we gave each other quilt blocks for Christmas. At the time none of them seemed to go together. Maybe they still don’t but my challenge is to make it happen. I have a couple of ideas but I’m open to any suggestions. Seeing the blocks in a photograph I can already see that some rearranging needs to be done.

The other two quilts will also be scrap quilts. One for a blue person and the other for a hot pink person. The blue has begun.

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4 Comments on “Happy New Year 2012-Resolutions and Scrap Quilts”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Those cover lovers look like a creative and awsome group of people, wink wink. I studied them carefully to see if i did any of them and to see if i could recognize who made which ones… and i couldn’t tell. Are signed?

  2. emprint Says:

    Hi, Ellen. The Cover Lover blocks are not signed but i think you did the eight little “quarter” circle ones. I can’t remember what I did. Do you still have yours?

  3. pamdora Says:

    Emmie, when I saw your photos, it struck me that the flamingo blocks looked like origami birds and there were a few other block that had sort of an origami feel. Maybe you could use that as a stylistic theme to select and add elements?

  4. I did my best to fussy cut directional prints and also mixing and matching my favorites! Until I began collecting Civil War fabrics, this was the only fabric I bought on a consistent basis over the years. Needless to say I have lots left to make other quilts! I happened to have a pantograph of pumpkins and vines which I think worked perfectly! I was also pretty nervous about using black thread to quilt, but am very pleased with the results!

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