Scraps of yarn

Isn’t this a beautiful basket? I bought it in Sweden in 1972. What’s in it?

Small balls of left over yarn. What does one do with little balls of left over yarn? I’ve collected quite a few.

One makes yoga socks. Of course.

Here’s another pair in progress. Both are knitted at the same time so they will match, if that’s important. They are so easy. No heels or toes.

Ugly foot. Nice Sock!

UpDate –  Pam asked for the directions for making Yoga Socks. Here is my version:

Size:  Average

Materials:  1 –  50g  ball of sock yarn, set #3 double point needles

Instructions:  Cast on 56 sts, divide between three needles and join in round.

     Work  10 rows of knit 2, purl 2, for cuff

     Next round – knit every row until work  measures 4 inches from beginning

     Next round – increase 8 sts evenly around (knit 7, inc. 1, to end of round) Total – 64 sts.

      Work 5 rounds in (K1, P1) ribbing.

Shape heel opening:  next round:  cast off 36 sts. Rib to end of round.

      Cast on 36 sts loosely, Rejoin in rnd and rib to end of round.

      Work 5 rnds in (K1, P1) ribbing.

       Next rnd:   Knit, decrease 8 sts evenly around. Total 56 sts.

        Work in knitting every round until work measures 2 1/2 inches from end of last ribbing.

         Work 10 rnds in (K1, P1) ribbing. Cast off in ribbing.

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5 Comments on “Scraps of yarn”

  1. Sheryl Says:

    Love them! Looks complicated.

  2. As always, Em, I love your color choices. Those socks look delish! Are you selling them? I miss seeing you guys so much. Wish I could get ot see the show at Hammonds. I bet it is wonderful!

  3. pamdora Says:

    I’ve never heard of yoga socks, but great idea. Maybe I could make some since there are no heels or toes. Where do you get the pattern, or do you make it up?

    I also like the idea that they don’t have to match – what fun!

  4. […] p.s. for a great idea of something to do with your odd bits of yarn, check out Emmie’s blog about making Yoga Socks in this post called Scraps of Yarn. […]

  5. pamdora Says:

    Thanks for the quick update Emmie! I’m still making scarves for Christmas, so I may have to start the sock recipe in the new years. I did buy some great sock yarn so I’ll keep you up-dated!

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