Another Apron Possibility

These strips were in a “jelly roll” that was a Christmas gift two years ago. I sewed them all together and then thought, “Now what?”

The chemise and apron were laid upon it, then all was folded up and put away. One day, I opened it up and this is what I saw:

Hummmmm.  Definite possibilities. I love the motion.

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4 Comments on “Another Apron Possibility”

  1. Susan Leslie Lumsden Says:

    What a great starting point. BTW- I LOVE Kaffe Kassett fabrics. I’ve had great fun wearing vintage aprons at the cafe.

  2. nancy krampf Says:

    oh i love this . how fun that you opened it and there it was just waiting for you to say hello.

  3. pamdora Says:

    The colors are great, and I love the apron. The motion you’ve given it remind me of an apron on a clothline, blowing in the window.

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