As Time Goes By

It’s been a long winter but real signs of Spring have arrived; crocus, daffodils, budding trees, greening grass. There’s a powdering of snow on the ground this morning but the weatherman has promised warmer temperatures all the forthcoming week.

So – here’s my winter project finally finished and I’m ready for Spring.

You’ve seen me struggle with the bird and the script at the bottom. The garment was found in a thrift store and even though it is too small for me, it was too beautiful to pass by. Perhaps too pretty to cut up you might suggest, but I’ve cut up beautiful fabric that was much more precious and expensive than this blouse!

In addition to the blouse, the rest of the piece consists of:

Three different pieces of silk dyed in a natural dying workshop. cotton fabric, and decorative fabric.     Techniques consisted of piecing, fusing, hand applique, machine applique, silk screening, direct drawing, decorative machine stitching, hand quilting, and machine quilting. Sounds like a sampler doesn’t it?

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2 Comments on “As Time Goes By”

  1. Ellen White Says:

    Oh Emmie, I just love it! The blouse really is used so creatively. Does it have velvet in it?

  2. nancy krampf Says:

    omg sound like a lota work sweetie. i see a lovely story in there. 🙂 beautiful.

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