Ideas are Slow to Come to Fruition

This current project has beenon the back burner for months. Finally, I said, “Just do it” and now I think it’s coming together. There has been a lot of sewing and ripping and more ripping, but just to have it up on the design wall where I see it every day is actually comforting. What started out as a rather gloomy piece has become uplifting; certainly color wise. The most pressing decision at the moment is deciding which bird to use. They are printed on paper so it’s easy to move them around.

Bird #1

Bird #2

I think just going through the exercise of writing and publishing this post has helped me decide.

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3 Comments on “Ideas are Slow to Come to Fruition”

  1. nancy krampf Says:

    ok bird # 1 is one with her elements
    bird# 2 is yo i bees da bird and yo not.

    and fer sure u needed my 2 cents. lol!!!!!!!!

  2. Ellen Says:

    I vote for two. Which did you choose?

  3. emprint Says:

    I’m choosing bird #1 because, although he’s not as strong as bird #2, I like the way his body shape flows with the lines of the leaves on either side of him. Serendipitous!

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