This was a lovely afternoon; particularly after such miserable cold weather we’ve had so we took a walk down on a trail through the woods, close to the house; and took Mandy our little dog with us.

Close to the trail’s end Harry was yelling and Mandy was screaming, only as a dog can, and I found her caught in a trap.

We got her loose and she didn’t limp or favor her leg, so I can assume she wasn’t injured. But what’s worse than that?

Two Traps.  Each was set right next to the trail. I mean RIGHT NEXT TO IT. Pardon me while I have a bit of a rage. I went back with a shovel and bolt cutters, dug them up/cut them out and brought them home. Now I am a little afraid to walk in the woods again. I certainly will be looking and tapping with my walking stick. Mandy may have to stay home in the future. Poor pup.

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6 Comments on “Traps”

  1. This is a horrible find. Was it on public property? yours? Glad your pup wasn’t damaged. Wow!

  2. Sheryl Says:

    Why would anyone would do such a thing? Aren’t they illegal? Did you turn them over to the sheriffs department? Makes me sick to think what else is out there with all the thousands of acres in State Park. I’m grateful no one was hurt and you took them off the trail. Leave a note at the site and tell the idiot they can pick up their traps at the Courthouse. I’ll bet they would go and claim them.

  3. nancy krampf Says:

    omg i would be furious. poor mandy . junie moon sends healing licks.

  4. Ellen White Says:

    Oh Emmie, how horrible for all of you. It is simply amazing your sweet Mandy wasn’t hurt anymore than she was. Some vicious redneck with a screw loose was responsible, I’m sure. I like the idea of leaving a note that they can be picked up at the courthouse.
    Miss you and if you get my way, let me know, for several reasons. I need an Emmie fix AND I am program chairman for my Fiber Artist Network (FAN)group. Wanna teach here again? They would love your fantasy flower and no one in the group has taken that class. They are a wonderful group of artists (weavers, mixed media, beaders, quilters, etc) that are quite talented. Check out the Website.

  5. pam Says:

    Emmie, I’m glad Mandy wasn’t too hurt. I was afraid to finish reading the post because it was really scaring me. Russ said maybe someone was trying to wild animals off the trail, there have been a lot of ground hogs and strange animals around parks and places. But if they were, they didn’t expect to catch a dog. Maybe you could leave them a note telling them that innocent animals could get hurt too.

  6. emprint Says:

    FYI – This hiking/horse trail is on U.S. Government land upon which, I have discovered, trapping is legal. However, the person, from whom I recieved that information, agreed with me that the placement of the traps was a very poor choice and seemed to be in total sympathy with my attitude.

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