Seeing Red

Two knitting projects have been finished.

These were knit from scraps and there’s still enough left over to knit another pair!

Finally!   I knit a sweater out of the varigated yarn last year and when finished I didn’t like it on me. I unraveled the whole thing and started over with a new pattern and extra yarn. This one makes me happy.

For you knitters out there I used grograin ribbon to stabilize the ribbing down the front. I tend to knit loosely and it almost became a ruffle! Buttonholes were made in the ribbon to correspond with the knit buttonholes and then sewn onto the sweater by hand. Much, much better.


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3 Comments on “Seeing Red”

  1. Pam Says:

    wow, these are both too cute. I love the frill at the top of the socks, and the way the patterns and colors change in the sweater. I think it’s too cool the way you can make your own clothes.

  2. nancy krampf Says:

    WOWZA miss em, i am salivating. 🙂

  3. Merrilee Tieche Says:

    Fantastic, Em, as always. You are amazing! So this all coordinates with the beans and the cute shoes???

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