Fall, Harvest, & Misc.

It’s been a while, but I’ve been in New Mexico to attend a Memorial for my Sister-InLaw who was an educator and an icon in her community. I came away saddened at her passing but inspired by all the wonderful people that I met. Many of them former students of hers and everyone influenced by her in one form or another.

Now I’m back and it’s good to be home. There’s much to do out in the yard and garden. My ten hickory trees had a bumper crop this year. Soooooooo many nuts and they are way too small to bother cracking and picking. Just how small? They are impossible to rake up and yet walking through the yard is like walking on a hardwood floor covered with marbles.

(Note my new lavender shoes!)

And the joke’s on me. I planted calico lima beans in my garden last spring. The vines grew like Jack’s bean stalk and bloomed but I swore the blossoms didn’t get pollinated as I never found a single bean. Now that we’ve had a couple of light freezes and the leaves on the vines wilted, I found them covered with lima bean pods.¬† Just like my Grandma used to grow.

Aren’t they beautiful. Tastes good too.

And now the greese are flying south. The lake is in their migratory path and they overnight here then go on their way.

I am also working in the studio but it’s on a challenge and I can’t show it until next month after I’ve shown it to the Uncommon Threads group. I’m anxious to start on something else that’s on the design wall. But I have to make applesauce first!

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4 Comments on “Fall, Harvest, & Misc.”

  1. Sheryl Says:

    Welcome home! Looking forward to seeing your new work. I have been perfecting my Brown Sugar Sweet Potato Biscuit recipe thanks to a friend’s organic garden bounty.

    And the reason one side of the V is always longer when the geese fly???

    More geese!

  2. pamdora Says:

    Amazing birds – I love that photo. I’ve never heard of calico lima beans!

  3. nancy krampf Says:

    oh i love the beans, they match the shoes!!!!!LOL!!!!! i may have to grow some and then get shoes to match too!!!!!

  4. Merrilee Tieche Says:

    Love the beans, Em, and the matching shoes, too. I have some beans that are maroon and white like that called Tongues of Fire. I just bought them because they were so beautiful. I don’t know how they taste because I’ve kept them in a jar to look at!

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