New Chair/Old Chair

The slipcover is done. Note, I changed my mind for the stripe fabric. I saw this one on sale and loved the colors. The lighter one might have been better, but considering how fast the fabric deteriorates on furniture around here it won’t be on there for more than a couple of years. The chair sits by an east slider/window so it get all the morning sun and the dog and three cats love sitting on new fabric. If I could find a market for cat fur, I’d be a millionair!

Do you see the front door in the upper left side? I etched the glass pattern. One of my better accomplishments. And do you see a corner of the couch on the extreme left side? That’s also a slip cover I made fairly recently. Now, I should make a new dress for myself. Probably red.

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4 Comments on “New Chair/Old Chair”

  1. nancy krampf Says:

    wowza, u win hands down for the diy woman of the year. where can i post u for a 100,000.00 prize. 🙂 u are one amazing chica my friend.
    kby ,now i am gong back to my computer game. lol!!!! luv u. xx0x0xx0x0x0x0x0xx0x0xx00x0xx0x0x0

  2. pamdora Says:

    I love it! You did an excellent job, and I’m only beginning to see some of you other talents.

  3. sharon Says:

    very nice! (love the etched glass too!)

  4. Merrilee Says:

    Beautemous, Emmie! You are so talented!!

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