Taking a Break from Quilting

I’m having trouble getting in the quilting mode so have taken a break and am doing some sewing for myself and knitting.

The variegated is a Noro cotton which I knit into another sweater that was unsuccessful so I’ve unraveled it and started over with another pattern. The red is a heather-ish wool. Not really sure if cotton and wool go together like this but we’ll see. I’ve grafted the shoulders together ready for the neck band. Usually I knit the fronts and back together, eliminating side seams, but I got confused with the pattern when I started and knit each independently. You’ll see little bumps on the left side of the sleeve. Those are safety pins at each increase. I’d rather count a few safety pins  than a lot stitches. And here’s a detail of the stitch pattern.

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One Comment on “Taking a Break from Quilting”

  1. nancy krampf Says:

    lawdy miss emmie i can’t even wrap my head around this amazing knitting. i use knitting needles for art projects like punching holes and applying glue to tiny spaces. u mean u can do this with em????????!!!!!!!!! nope not this gal. but i sure can buy me one already made by an ARTIST. 🙂 x0xx0x0x0x0000x0xx0

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