Improv Nine Patch and Log Cabin

Here’s something that’s kind of fun.

Take two pieces of fabric and cut them to the same size. These are 9 1/2 inch squares.

Lay one on top of the other.

Use your rotary cutter as a drawing tool and cut curves through both fabrics

Then cut again so that you have cut the fabrics into nine pieces.

Take the fabric pieces apart and lay them out in opposites and you are ready to sew.

Now they are sewn together and you have two improvisational nine patches. If you are particular about the corners matching you can pin the seams together at those points and finesse the edges together as you sew. I’ve never done anything with this technique but people seem to enjoy seeing it.

I have made a lot of pillow tops like the one below using curved seams and sewing improvisation-ally cut pieces around the center until it’s large enough. I call this an Inprov Log Cabin. It’s just that my center is much larger than the traditional log cabin. I figure that the center can be any size.

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