New residents

A pair of red House Finches have taken up residence in one of my hanging fuschias. The female sits there through thick and thin, meaning thunder storms and high winds. She’s been on some wild rides! I quit watering the plant for fear of doing damage to the nest/eggs of which there were three, so it’s nearly dead. We’ve quit using the back door because she flies away every time we leave or enter. A step ladder  sits by the window so we climb up and peak in and the camera with zoom lens is sitting of a tripod where the rocking chair should be. Does this bird know how excited we are to be able to watch her and how much trouble we’ve gone to?

The male makes ocassional appearances.

Sorry this is out of focus but you can see Mama feeding one of the fledglings. Papa helps. The cats sit at the slider under the hanging basket and “chatter.” We do hope they can learn to fly without being caught.

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2 Comments on “New residents”

  1. sharon Says:

    How fun! you get to watch the babies…..

  2. Merrilee Says:

    You can water if you use a watering can with a long spout. I’ve had two or three sets of finches setting up housekeeping in my hanging baskets for years. I have thought that perhaps the living plant hiding the nest would be a bit safer for them, and quit worrying about a slightly damp nest. Enjoy the new babies, Em!

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