Flavors of Spring

My multiple circle attempt is a disappointment. The more I work on it, the more I dislike it. Merrilee called it “Fried Eggs” but she didn’t make a comment for fear of hurting my feelings. HA! I love her title and think it’s fitting. It’s time to just put it away or maybe burn it. Yes,I have done that to other pieces.

Waverly House, in Springfield, is having a new exhibit in April entitled Flavors of the Season. I’m still hung up on the circles and made another one but cut it in half. This is pinned to the design wall and is still open to editing. To me, this is the sun feeding the earth as we all, gain nourishment. It’s going to demand some good quilting. Oh-oh.

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3 Comments on “Flavors of Spring”

  1. Ellen Says:

    I just read an article called “Dust Bin Quilts” on thw Quilting Arts website. It is a free e-book they offer. It is buried in amongst a list of free e-books recently offered. I am going to try this on some unsuccessful quilts or old ones i don’tlike anymore. Basically, she paints the top with White latex paint. Half the top pretty heavy and the rest with a dry brush. Then she cuts it up, refurbishes it in someway–ink, paint, embellishments, and liked the results her first try at this so much, she entered it into an art show and won. How about that?

  2. Nancy Krampf Says:

    i am likin this …………how bout some sun rays???? ya know weird ones like the ones we love. lol !!! xxx0x00x0x0000xx

  3. Nancy Krampf Says:

    oh oh ,side way sun rays. 🙂

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