Snow and Happy New Year

This is the first White Christmas I’ve ever seen in Missouri. I’m sure there were others. I just wasn’t here to experience them. But I’ve already had enough and I wish it would quit. Unfortunately, the weatherman predicts more snow this week and again this weekend. Did I mention how cold it is? To try to over come our cabin fever, Harry suggested that we take his 4-wheel-drive truck out yesterday and just drive around in the snow. How desperate can we get? So we did. And it was beautiful. Then we stopped at a local cafe and had each had a big bowl of chili. Back to the fireside.

And before I forget it, my friend, Marcy, sent this link to a video, “Celebrate What’s Right With the World” by photographer, Dewitt Jones. It’s 22 minutes long, but to watch it is a great way to start the new year. Thank you, Marcy.

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6 Comments on “Snow and Happy New Year”

  1. Merrilee Says:

    beautiful pics Emmie. Today, with the sun shining on the snow, I can actually find something charming about this frozen tundra!

  2. pamdora Says:

    I’m surprised you haven’t seen a white Christmas here, but then I can’t remember when the last one was. Guess they don’t have many in Florida!

  3. Marty Corcoran Says:

    We’re trying not to freeze our tushies off whenever we have to feed the horses and muck out their stalls. Just started a new weaving and finished another. Hope all is well for you and Harry.

    • emprint Says:

      OMG! And I thought I had it rough just hanging out and being house bound. Harry started suffering cabin fever this afternoon so we watched the movie “Julie and Julia.” Loved it.

      Stay warm dear friend, E

  4. Nancy K Says:

    oh i am so jealous. i love snow it fascinates me and i just want to sit and study it, behind a huge window with chi tea with hazelnut cream and ginger snaps. yeah see that would be perfect. oh and the heat at 70. 😀
    love ya keep cozy and warm.
    maybe you should work on gray and white fer now, lol !!!

    • emprint Says:

      Yes, it is beautiful behind a huge window. I have two of them. 10′ wide sliders each, and even though they are double thermopane, they are COLD. I like Earl Grey tea and mocha ice cream myself and Harry ate the last ginger snap last night. xoxoxoxoxoE

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