Amaryllis Bulbs

The following picture is scanned from the latest White Flower Farm catalog. Click link to see the actual page.


Note that this bulb is in a vase of pebbles. Years ago I bought a bunch of amaryllis bulbs and put each one in a tall vase with just a dab of water in the bottom. Roots formed, gorgeous flowers emerged, and I gave them away as Christmas gifts. Last year Susan gave me three wonderful bulbs that I photographed repeatedly and shared on this blog. I’ve tended them all summer and now leaves just started forming a few weeks ago. In moving them into the house for the winter, their pot fell off the deck, dropping 10′ or so, the pot smashed but the bulbs look o.k. except that most of the roots broke on the biggest one. Since they are out of the dirt, I put them in vases with clear glass marbles  or pebbles. We’ll see how they grow. Will keep you posted. I know you’ll be breathlessly awaiting the outcome!!!!!


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12 Comments on “Amaryllis Bulbs”

  1. Flower Boy Says:

    Good luck! Hope they thrive and flower as you wish. Amaryllis, so beautiful!

  2. Theresia Says:

    Do you ever plant them in the ground?

    • emprint Says:

      No. I live in Zone 6 which is too cold for Amaryllis bulbs outside. I do, however, let the bulbs go dormant and then revive them in the fall for another winter bloom indoors.

  3. Marta tassone Says:

    Thank you very much for the it possible that when the flower dies it leaves a group of buttons that may be seeds of the plant.

  4. Cynthia Says:

    I had a bulb the flowered in its box. I re-hydrated the peat disk,planted it ,and now it’s starting to grow again. They will always come back ,even if there’s a little piece of root.

  5. Amy Says:

    I put mine in shallow dish. And it sprouted leaves ang tiny bulbs with tiny leaves around the base of the big bulb. Still waiting what will come out next.

  6. Maryanne Says:

    Did you use the disk that comes with the bulb in the vase also?

    • emprint Says:

      No. The bare bulbs were just placed on the pebbles in water. Don’t let the bulb sit down into the water or it will rot. Just on top of wet pebbles to stay damp.

  7. Thank you for all the information! This is very interesting!

    I had beautiful amaryllises, even more beautiful when they moved into my mother’s place, quite sad as she started weakening. They were always in pots, in soil.

    Well, if I put them to the pebbles in water – what will they feed on? What do you add to this water, please?

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