Greetings from Wyoming

A week ago today I was in Durango, CO, judging the Intermountain Weavers Conference exhibit for awards. That was a jumping off place for us to have a camping trip to Wyoming. We’ve been camping in National Forests with no conveniences except enclosed toilets and this is my first opportunity to use electricity to download all my pictures and surprise, surprise, I have internet access. I’d like to show you the award winners at the conference, but first I must get permission, so that will be later. Here are some pics from the trip so far:

PetroglyphActually this was in Colorado

Hippie-SignAs was this, in Silverto, CO

buffaloBuffalo in WY

Teton-thunderstormAnd an incredible thunderstorm in the Tetons.

More later.

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3 Comments on “Greetings from Wyoming”

  1. PaMdora Says:

    I love your photos! The tetons look amazing.

  2. Nancy K Says:

    wow tetons. cool. oh we are so jonesing for a trip. xxx0xx0x0x00x0000x0

  3. sharon Says:

    i love WY! Yellowstone and the Tetons, Jackson Hole…nature at it’s finest.

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