Back in the Saddle Again

Got the bug to do some little studies. Here are three more. Can you find the cat hair on one of them? Oh, good grief.




I’m really in the mood to do more of these, but we’re leaving next Tuesday for Durango, CO to attend the Intermountain Weavers Converence and then on to a camping trip in Wyoming. Too much to do to get ready.

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2 Comments on “Back in the Saddle Again”

  1. alison schwabe Says:

    I’m preeetty sure I could find the one without a cat hair… but on a more serious note, these have a lot of energy, and I can see why you are regretting life getting in the way of spending more time on them right now – but you have the pics and the samples and so it won’t be too hard to get into the moo when you return – take a tine note pad to jot down a few lines when inspiraton strikes around the campfire …

  2. Nancy K Says:

    i love these em, they are so zen and meditative.

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