Three peonies


It must be due to the cool, wet Spring that we’ve had, that the peonies are outstanding this year.  I think they have inspired me to create a wall quilt that I’m working on now. Too soon to post a picture, but stay tuned!

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4 Comments on “Three peonies”

  1. Nancy K Says:

    oh you lucky lucky lady

  2. sharon Says:

    OH I agree! mine have been beautiful too. the landscaper i hired to do some work even commented on them……but i like the picture of yours….

  3. Merrilee Says:

    Beautiful picture, Em. You make even the flowers touch our hearts with their fragility.

  4. PaMdora Says:

    whoa Emmie, you’ve got a whole new website look these days — wonderful! Love seeing the world through your eyes.

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