Take a Moment…

…to read the “Inspired by Photos” information in the sidebar. Linda Matthews has put together a photo hunt and questions, concerning copyright to test your knowledge, with ten quilt artists.  At the end of the hunt, you will be able to dowload an ebook/slideshow of photographs that have been provided by the same ten artists, copyright free, for your use. Enjoy and have fun.barn-landscape

This was a scene as I was coming home, yesterday, from a visit to the Spiva Center for the Arts in Joplin, MO to see “Photo Spiva 2009.”  It was a good exhibit, but I was most impressed with the exhibit upstairs: “Photo Spiva Kids.”  Twenty-six children, ages 4 through 8, were given cameras and it was an exhibit of their work.  Amazing!  Both exhibits run til May 3, 2009.  See them, if you can.

Also, while there, we discovered “Art On A Stick.” Children, in their art classes, make these as the beginning of art projects. The little renderings are taped to pop-cycle sticks and placed in ceramic jars, free for the taking. I was barely able to limit myself to seven; pig that I am.


Reading left to right, the artists are:  Andi Wilson, Michaela Brewer, Sydney Grey, Dakota, Cristina Navarro, Brittany,and  Caitlin. Some last names were illegible.

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