Took A Little Trip

We were after a little boat and had to show Mandy off to our friends.



You can see why we took her with us. She thinks the truck is hers and she’s allowing us to drive her around!


And then there was this shadow that followed us home.


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3 Comments on “Took A Little Trip”

  1. nancyk Says:

    i think i am in love with this dog and i haven’t even met her!!!
    and an all new version of back seat driver!!! LOL!!!

    love the shadow pic.

    and who is that playing with the dog?????hummmmmmm????
    me think his name begins with “H”???????

  2. sharon Says:

    what a cute little dog!!!

  3. PaMdora Says:

    What a fantastic picture story! Honestly, it looks like Mandy’s paw in on his shoulder trying to guide the driver. Next thing you know, she’ll be wanting a learner’s permit and start driving the car herself.

    You’ve done wonders with that dog, Em!

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