Time for Inspiration and Bragging

Susan gave me three amaryllis bulbs for Christmas. They’ve been such a joy to watch as they opened. So far there have been a total of 20 blossoms and there are four more buds to go. Can anyone tell me how to save them for next year?

And while I’m bragging about such beautiful flowers, I have to brag about Mandy. She’s (I’ve) graduated from Obedience School. Here she is with her teacher, Tristan, and his three super, spectacular, well behaved dogs in our school at the Pet Warehouse. I encourage all dog owners to go to doggy school at least once to learn how to train your dog. I can’t tell you how much I didn’t know and how much I learned.


And here is Mandy’s Graduation Certificate.


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3 Comments on “Time for Inspiration and Bragging”

  1. Ellen Says:

    I got tickled seeing “Mandy Seaman” on her certificate. Very cute.

    About your bulbs. I have had one for 5 years and I just leave it in the pot. I trim it all back in the fall, them it blooms in the spring. I am sure I should be doing something else but I don’t. If anyone does know I would apprecite knowing myself.

    My amaryllis “fantasy flower” that I began in your class just needs a few more beads, some quilting, and a binding and it will be done! Will send a picture soon.

  2. PaMdora Says:

    I love the photo of Mandy at class! What a great idea to go to this, hope you got a lot out of it. I’m seeing lots more flowers too now that I’m south of Missouri. Way south!

  3. nancyk Says:

    Good Emmie, Good Mandy, Happy Harry!!!!! LOL!!!

    my amaryllis …………buy one almost ready to open, and that has second one
    on the side. Put on mantle, enjoy, flower goes by by , nancy gives to james
    lets him deal with next year.
    next year nancy buys amaryllis almost open……would give this one to emmie if she lived here.so she gives it to james. end of story

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