Warm and Cool

The art quilt group that I belong to, Uncommon Threads, has decided to make a funeral quilt and you ask, “What is that?” As I understand it, when one dies, this is a small quilt that is used at funerals to be draped over a casket, or table for urn of ashes, or what ever. Two members have a book on antique funeral quilts and apparently this was not uncommon in the 1800’s.

This one will be kept within the group and is to be used when one of us dies. At this time no one is anticipating death, but – just in case. There are 16 of us and each of us is to make two small, unfinished quilts measuring 24″ x 16″. One quilt in warm colors and the other in cool colors. Then eight warm panels will be sewn together with eight cool panels on the back for each side of the casket, with a strip down the middle. Understand? I should draw a picture.

Anyway, I’ve done my best for warm and cool. However, to me, my warm looks like birth and the cool looks like death. Wonder what that’s all about? Obviously, I work better with warm colors. They make me happy. Or maybe, because my studio is in the basement and it’s cold right now, the warm colors help warm me up!

When I die, please, place the warm side over me. I like it better.



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4 Comments on “Warm and Cool”

  1. Merrilee Says:

    Oh, Emmie, I’ll take either side up – they’re both beautiful!

  2. baropen Says:

    Via the SAQA list I had a look at your “blurb” book and find it inspirational. What a lot of good stuff there is available via the internet!
    best wishes for 2009, margaret (london uk)

  3. baropen Says:

    oops I’m on my partner’s machine and seem to be logged in under the blog he moderates! my own blog is http://margaret-cooter.blogspot.com

  4. nancyk Says:

    warm side it is, even tho you are the coolest person i know and love!!!!xxxx0xx0x0x00xx0x00

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