Scrap Quilt Finally Finished

scrap-quilt-finished1This quilt was started last winter and now it’s finished. It was quilted by Ellen Replogle, whose written a number of quilting pattern books. She’s family and we’re very proud of her. The quilt has no batting, just the muslin onto which the strips are sewn. Looked pretty flat, until I washed it and now it’s all poofy and nice. I think the muslin was unwashed while I was strip piecing, so it probably shrank, facilitating the puffiness.

After it was on the bed the ordinary pillows didn’t look good, so I made new pillow cases.

pillowsI LOVE THEM!  I think I slept better last night, just because of all the lovely colors. Now, I have to search for the pretty wide lace that someone gave me, and make a skirt. The lavender grey walls look pretty blah. Think I’ll paint some flowers on them. You might note, also, the photograph of the red tulip hanging over the bed. That’s the photograph that started my little flower quilts and you can see the art quilt of this particular flower on my home page.


Note the rectangular pillow with the golden colored grid. That’s a Lorna Moffat pillow that I bought about 10 years ago. She’s recently written a book entitled Silk Unraveled. It’s a beautiful book and I’m so proud to own the pillow. When I bought it, I’d never heard of her; I  should have bought two pillows!

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5 Comments on “Scrap Quilt Finally Finished”

  1. nancyk Says:

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i just had the most colorful dream of my friend emmie!!!!!

    wall look bla cuz weather is bla and light is low wait till summer
    oh how bout painting branches multi color branches…………..
    i need to keep my eyes on my own table!!!! like i was tild so many times
    in grade school, other peoples stuff fascinates me as much as my own stuff.

  2. nancyk Says:

    and yes spelling was my worst subject!!! except when i could color the words. HA!

  3. Merrilee Says:


  4. Fonda Says:

    I think of the many years ago when all this quilting started. You went WAY beyond 6 blocks a day before I could come out and play. Thanks for the memories.

  5. emprint Says:

    For those who might wonder about the previous comment – Fonda and I lived across the street from each other when we were little girls. In the summer, she couldn’t come out to play until she had made six scrap pieced blocks, each day. And she was sewing on a treadle machine. All those years passed and one of my first quilts was a string pieced quilt trying to remember Fonda’s. She’s one of my heros.

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