After all the excitement of the opening of ThreadLines 2008, Lettie’s and my exhibit The Nature of Things, Pam Rubert’s exhibit, Wish You Were Hair, and Susan Lumsden’s exhibit, Visions of Plenty, and a two day workshop with Jason Pollen, I was exhausted and needed breathing time. If you click the above links to the TreadLines site and Pam’s site you will see plenty of pictures of all the events. There are also more pictures on the Uncommon Threads site. There’s no need of me adding more; besides Pam’s pictures are better than mine.

Now I’m back in the grove – I came away from Jason’s workshop inspired to return to my little black studies. Jason does them on paper with clear gesso and liquid acrylic paint. He exhibited them as an installation about three years ago at the Surface Design Association conference in Kansas City. My admiration of them has not lessened; only I want to work on fabric.

I now realize that my finishing process can be more simplified; they don’t have to be finished like “real” quilts. The first two images below, are old ones from which I cut the seamed edges and squared them up, then satin stitched all around. The third with the flower is raw edge, fused to interfacing and will be fused to the mat board. It is just sitting on top another one right now for the photograph, hence the shadow.

Now, these are really becoming fun.

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